Bonne Bay Explorer

Gets hands on exploring with Gros Morne’s favourite family adventure

The Perfect Family Boat Tour

Embark on Gros Morne’s Favourite family adventure with the Bonne Bay Explorer family charter! Explore Gros Morne’s pristine waters on a boat tour packed with fun and educational opportunities. Land on remote beaches to explore and discover tide pools teeming with life, this is the perfect mix of learning and fun

Bonne Bay Explorer Family Charter

Hands-on Exploration as we explore remote beaches to find sea glass, driftwood & sea creatures

Educational opportunities to learn about local ecosystems and marine life from expert guides.

Family-Friendly Adventure designed for explorers of all ages, making it an ideal family tour

Bonne Bay Explorer Family Charter | Boat Tour | Gros Morne National Park
Bonne Bay Explorer Family Charter | Boat Tour | Gros Morne National Park

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t’s a family-oriented boat tour in Gros Morne, focusing on hands-on exploration and learning about local ecosystems and marine life.

The charter includes exploring remote beaches, finding sea glass, driftwood, and observing sea creatures, providing both adventure and educational opportunities.

The tour is designed to be highly educational, offering insights into local marine life and ecosystems through expert-guided experiences.

Yes, it’s designed as a family-friendly adventure, ideal for explorers of all ages, making it perfect for families.

Yes we do!! Wild Gros Morne’s Family-Friendly Tours offers a variety of outdoor adventures tailored for families visiting Gros Morne National Park.  We ahve activities such as kayaking, boat tours, fishing, and hiking, all designed to be accessible for all ages. Our friendly staff provide tips for making each activity enjoyable for kids, like opting for private kayak tours for a leisurely pace and choosing specific times for fishing when waters are calmest. We encourage families to create lasting memories through these engaging and scenic experiences in the natural beauty of Gros Morne. For more details, you can visit our Family friendly tour webpage at

While specific wildlife sightings can vary, the tour offers chances to observe local sea creatures and potentially other marine wildlife like whales, dolphins, jelly fish, tuna & more

The Bonne Bay Explorer family charter typically lasts 2 hours however longer tours can be arranged if requested

Dressing for the weather and potentially wet conditions is generally a good idea. a pair of water shows, sandles or shoes easy to take off is recommended as during the Bonne Bay Explorer Family charter we will stop on a beach for some exploring

There are no snacks or meals provided with the tour however guests are free to take any snacks or drinks required for themselves or children 

Yes for our guests who are staying at the Waters Edge campground or suites, the Bonne Bay Explorer Family Charter leaves right from our private easy accessible dock


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