Gros Morne Boat Tours

Our Gros Morne boat tours offer an immersive, small group experience, connecting you with the rich culture of this UNESCO World Heritage Site

Boat Tours in Gros Morne

Discover hidden coves, towering sea stacks, and cascading waterfalls. Witness Gros Morne’s marine life up close; from whales to playful dolphins and curious eagles. Our boat tours are small group experiences led by experienced guides, offering the best opportunity to connect with the natural beauty of Bonne Bay.

Trust Our Gros Morne Boat Tours

Commercial grade vessels with comfortable seating

Experienced captains with Transport Canada certification

Top of the line gear and safety equipment on board.

Gros Morne Boat Tours | Tablelands Boat tour

Tablelands Boat Tour

Relax in comfortable seating aboard our commercial grade Zodiac as your guide unveils the 500-million-year-old story of the Tablelands and the regions geology. Travelling in small groups ensures a personal experience as we navigate the saltwater fjord of Bonne Bay. Witness dramatic cliffs, unique marine life, capture stunning photos, and marvel at Gros Morne’s most iconic feature

Private Charters

Explore the fjord on your own terms with our Private Charters. Custom tailored Gros Morne Boat Tours to offer unique exploration of Gros Morne’s stunning natural landscapes. Our Private boat tours are perfect for groups, couples, photographers and guests wanting a personalized experience for wildlife watching, beach picnics or exploring remote areas 

Bonne bay Explorer | family charter

Make the kids “walk the plank” with our Gros Morne Family Charters! Tailored to engage even the saltiest teenage member of your crew. We’ll land in a remote cove and beach-comb for sea creatures to learn about or go for a swim. Our experienced captain is dedicated to ensuring a safe and fun experience. Create unforgettable memories with our Gros Morne Boat tours on Bonne Bay

tablelands 360° Zodiac & Hike

Gros Morne’s premier Tablelands experience. A unique blend of our most popular boat tour and hiking tour into one awesome day. Kick off your full-day guided adventure in the morning with our Tablelands Boat Tour of Bonne Bay, followed by a rewarding guided hike to the Tablelands summit in the afternoon. This tour stands out as our signature experience, and a must do when visiting Gros Morne


Policies regarding pets can vary by the tour. Guests are free to bring controlled, leashed pets with trimmed nails on our private charters

Wild Gros Morne offers the most diverse Gros mornes boat tour options in Gros Morne National Park including the Tablelands boat tour, Bonne Bay Explorer and private charters. Each offering unique perspectives of the park’s stunning natural landscapes

Yes, it’s recommended to reserve your boat tour in advance, especially for popular tours like The tablelands boat tour and the Tablelands 360°, to ensure availability

Comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and sturdy slip resistant shoes are recommended.  Some specialty boat tours might include light hiking or walking on gravel, dirt paths or beaches so check with your tour guide before hand

Yes, private charters and tours are available for a more personalized experience, allowing visitors to explore Gros Morne’s beauty in an intimate setting

Tours may be canceled or rescheduled due to bad weather. We offer refunds if canceled due to bad weather however we always offer alternative dates in these cases to make sure everyone gets out on the water during their time in Gros Morne.

It’s generally advised to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure to check in and receive any necessary instructions

It’s very important for us to meet specific needs and accommodations for all of our guests. Our dock is less then a minutes walk from the parking area, and we offer private boat tours for extra room and highly accessible options for all guests. Please contact us directly and we will do everything to get you out on the water

Depending on the tour, you might encounter marine wildlife such as whales, seals, and various bird species, adding a remarkable element to your boat tour experience​

Most boat tours are suitable for all ages, but it’s always best to check specific tour details or requirements in advance​. Also check out our family friendly tours for tours designed just for the kiddos

Tour lengths vary, with options ranging from a few hours to full-day adventures, catering to different preferences and schedules

Cancellation policies differ between tours, so it’s advisable to inquire directly when you’re booking your tour

Pricing varies depending on the tour’s length and type. It’s best to check the specific tour page for the most accurate and current pricing

Yes, some boat tours offer the opportunity to disembark and enjoy a beach walk, or our Tablelands 360° includes a boat tour or kayak tour and guided Tablelands hike

 For viewing dramatic fjords, with sheer cliffs and cascading waterfalls, the top two boat tours in Gros Morne are the Tablelands Boat Tour and the Western brook boat tour. Both have great views of the two fjords in Gros Morne

Tours typically include guided commentary, and all necessary safety equipment. Specific inclusions such as food options and hikes, activities can be found on the specific webpage

Yes we do. All information regarding the Gros Morne Hiking Festival can be found here at