Family Friendly Adventures

Make unforgettable memories with our Gros Morne Family Friendly Tours. Where family time, is adventure time

Gros Morne Family Friendly Tours

Discover the ultimate family-friendly outdoor adventure destination where kayaking, boat tours, fishing, and hiking come to life. We have a range of Gros Morne Family Friendly Tours to suit all ages, ensuring that every family member finds their perfect adventure. Hands on kayak tours at your own pace, exhilarating boat tours and beach picnics, fun-filled fishing expeditions and scenic hiking tours everyone can take part.

Popular Family Friendly Activities

Every year, we welcome families to explore Gros Morne National Park. Explore our Gros Morne family friendly tours & adventures that families, including our own, love the most. We Invite all ages to discover the park’s natural beauty together

Gros Morne Family Friendly Tours


Mom Tip - Book a private kayak tour for a slower pace. Stop at a beach to have a snack & explore

fish family

Cod jigging

Dad Tip - Choose an early or late fishing charter as the water is calmest & easier for kids to fish

beach crab family

Bonne bay Explorer

Mom Tip- Bring waters shoes or sandals. We'll stop to look & learn about sea creatures

Hike family

Hiking Adventures

Dad Tip - Choose the Tablelands off-trail or the Tablelands 360°. The half day hike works best for most families with mixed hiking experience

beach picnic family

Boat Tour & beach Picnic

Mom Tip -Book a mid afternoon trip when hungry strikes. Bring towels for a swim in a remote cove or comfy shoes for beach combing

Tell Us Your Family Adventure


Wild Gros Morne offers a wide range of family-friendly tours, including leisurely hikes, kayaking adventures, boat tours & fishing charters that showcase the area’s stunning natural beauty and are great for the whole family

Gros Morne family friendly tours cater to all ages, but it’s advisable to check specific tours for any age restrictions to ensure they align with your family’s needs.

Duration varies, with options ranging from short excursions perfect for young children to longer adventures for those looking for a full day of exploration.

Having families of our own we know comfort and safety are paramount. Guests are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather and terrain, for more specialized gear check with us upon booking your Gros Morne family friendly tours

Gros Morne family friendly tours are designed with young children in mind, ensuring a safe and engaging experience for the entire family. We’ve had guests as young as 6 months on board and we have lifejackets available for all ages

Educational elements are very important to us given that becky one of our owners and guides is a teacher. We understand how to make great opportunities for kids to learn about the natural environment and cultural history of Gros Morne.

Safety is our absolute top priority, with trained guides, proper safety equipment and high quality vessels and kayaks ensuring that all participants have a safe and enjoyable experience.

We welcome the adventurous spirit of teenagers looking for more thrill. Gros Morne family friendly tours are designed to cater to their interests and energy levels, including more challenging hikes and water sports.

For a personalized experience, private tours can be arranged. Advance booking is highly recommended, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure availability.