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Gros Morne National Parks Premier Tablelands Experience

From the bottom of the bay to the top of the Tablelands, this is Gros Morne National Park’s premier Tablelands experience. Tablelands 360° is a custom combination of two of our most popular hiking & marine adventures. By land and by sea, this one of a kind tour all day is designed to provide guests with a complete 360° view of the breathtaking geological feature that provided the foundation for Gros Morne’s UNESCO designation.

Sit back and relax as your guide constructs the 500 millon year old story of the Tablelands and its unique geology. Travelling in small groups we’ll explore the saltwater fjord of Bonne bay by zodiac boat or kayak, stopping at selected points along the way to answer questions, take photos and just marvel at Gros Morne’s most iconic features. Whales, dolphins, tuna, seals and all types of marine life call Gros Morne home and are often seen while we explore the bay.

After completing your Zodiac Boat adventure or Kayak Tour follow our guide as we embark on our moderate to challenging 4-5 hour off trail hike up the North rim of the Tablelands. We'll climb to the top of the 600m lookout that provides unobstructed views of The Bonne Bay fjords and Gros Morne Mountain.


7 -8 Hours

Both morning activities (zodiac or kayak) begin at 10AM, followed by a break at 12PM for guests to have lunch, and prepare for the afternoon Tablelands summit hike. Tablelands 360° takes 7-8 hours to complete.

Guided Adventure

Tablelands 360° is a combination of two amazing adventures that are fully guided to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience

Moderate / Intermediate

The hiking portion of our 360° has an elevation gain of 600m to reach the summit. Rated moderate to intermediate in its difficulty level ,we take our time, stop for breaks and summit safely.

Have it Your Way

The choice is yours. Choose between a Zodiac boat tour or sea kayak tour for the first part of your Tablelands 360° experience

What to Bring

Day pack, rain/waterproof jacket, hat, sunglasses, lip balm and comfortable water shoes suitable for your morning marine activity, and sturdy hiking boots for your afternoon of hiking


Save big when you book 3 or more people!! Perfect for families, friends, travel trade groups and corporate retreats

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