Beach Boil Up

Newfoundland & indigenous food with a modern twist. This is Gros Morne National Park’s premier culinary experience.

Gros Morne's Food Tour

 Gros Morne’s most popular food tour. Enjoy a four-course tasting menu featuring local seafood, wild game, forest foraged delicacies, all prepared against the scenic backdrop of the Bonne Bay fjord. Hear the stories behind the ingredients and their cultural significance. Unwind & connect with fellow travellers with an amazing food experience in a oceanfront setting

The Best Local Ingredients

Local Seafood

Indulge in the freshest, locally caught seafood from Bonne Bay

Wild Game

Sustainably harvested wild game from the nearby boreal forest

Farm Fresh

Vibrant greens & vegetables from our greenhouse & garden

Inside & Outside Dining Areas

We have equally impressive outside and inside venues available. When the weather is fine we dine al fresco under the glow of the Waters Edge Lighthouse, and when bad weather strikes we have our rustic boat house, with huge porthole windows overlooking Bonne Bay, and perfect for whale watching

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The Beach Boil Up is a premier culinary experience in Gros Morne National Park, offering a four-course tasting menu that highlights local seafood, wild game, and foraged delicacies.

Expect a selection of the freshest local seafood, sustainably harvested wild game, and vibrant greens and vegetables from local gardens and greenhouses.

Dining can be enjoyed both outdoors, under the Waters Edge Lighthouse, or indoors in a rustic boathouse with panoramic views of Bonne Bay, depending on the weather.

While we focus on local and wild ingredients, it’s best to contact us directly for specific dietary accommodation requests.

Given the outdoor setting, dressing in layers is advisable to stay comfortable regardless of the changing weather conditions by the oceanfront. This is a casual events focused on the food. Most evenings we have the beach boil up outside are beautiful, warm and sunny but if bad weather or wind is forecasted we have the boil inside our boathouse

The Beach Boil Up combines exquisite local cuisine with the stunning backdrop of Bonne Bay fjord, offering not just a meal, but an immersive cultural and natural experience.Theres is nothing like this in Gros Morne or Newfoundland

Booking details are available on this website, where you can find availability and secure your spot for this unique culinary journey. 2024 dates will be available soon

There are no age restrictions, and the beach boil up is suitable for a wide audience, including families, friends groups and travel trade operators

The experience includes storytelling about the ingredients’ origins and their cultural significance, enhancing guests’ understanding and appreciation of Newfoundland and indigenous foods.

While the Beach Boil Up offers a unique dining experience with the stunning backdrop of Bonne Bay, we can’t guarantee whales.  with our coastal setting, there are many opportunities for wildlife sightings.

Please refer to the official Gros Morne Hiking Festival page for the most uo to date information