Writers at Woody Point

A celebrated literary and musical festival nestled in the heart of Gros Morne National Park.

Writers at Woody Point Gros Morne

Writers at Woody Point offers a blend of storytelling, music, and outdoor adventures like hiking and boat tours. Immerse yourselves in Newfoundland’s culture and the stunning natural beauty of Bonne Bay. This annual event provides an intimate setting for audiences to connect with renowned and emerging artists and experience high quality outdoor adventures making it a must-visit for literature and music enthusiasts exploring Gros Morn

Tours During Writers at Woody Point

Use the promo code #writers to save 15% on select tours and adventures during the festival. *Guests must show proof of purchase from a Writers at Woody Point registered event for discount

couples tablelands boat tour

Boat tours

Join our popular boat tours during the Writers Festival. Explore Gros Morne's coastline, blending the beauty of Woody Point and Bonne Bay

fishing Charters

Our fishing charter for a hands-on Gros Morne experience integrating the thrill of fishing with the Writers at Woody Point festival, for a culturally rich outdoor activity.

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water taxi

Our popular Bonne Bay water taxi service will be available during the festival. We transport people, road bikes and equipment needed to get across the tickle quickly

Hike family

Hiking Adventures

Explore the majestic trails of Gros Morne during the Writers at Woody Point festival. Our hiking tours create an unforgettable journey through the park's stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

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Campground & Accommodations

Enhance your Writers experience by staying in Gros Morne's natural beauty. Our campground & accommodations offer a cozy retreat after a day of adventures. Relax under the stars and wake up surrounded by the park's stunning scenery.


An annual literary and music festival in Newfoundland, celebrating storytelling, music, and friendship in the scenic setting of Woody Point, Bonne Bay.

The festival typically spans several days, offering a rich schedule of events and performances.

We will have our boat tours, fishing charters, kayak tours and rentals, food tours and more operating during writers. We will also have our water taxi going back and fourth from norris point to woody point. Use the promo code #writers to save 15% on select tours and adventures during the festival. *Guests must show proof of purchase from a Writers at Woody Point registered event for discount

While specific event details vary, the festival often includes activities suitable for a wide audience, including families.

Expect a mix of literary readings, musical performances, and possibly workshops, featuring both local and visiting artists.

Accessibility information should be directly obtained from the festival’s contact or planning pages to ensure up-to-date details.

Tickets can usually be purchased online through the festival’s official website at https://www.writersatwoodypoint.com/ with options for different events and activities.

Many events include interactive sessions, allowing attendees to engage with performers and authors.

It’s advisable to bring comfortable clothing for variable weather, a camera, and perhaps a book for signings.

Festivals often welcome volunteers, so check the official website for volunteer opportunities and how to apply

Writers at Woody Point enriches the local community by spotlighting regional culture and literature, attracting visitors, and supporting local businesses. This celebration of arts not only entertains but also fosters a deeper appreciation for Newfoundland’s rich literary and musical heritage, contributing to both cultural and economic vitality.