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Backcountry Hut Hiking in Gros Morne

Experience the rugged beauty of Gros Morne National Park with a unique multi-day backcountry hut hiking adventure. Hiking right from the huts you’ll discover hidden lakes and valleys, stunning unseen vistas, and remote high alpine areas most guests to Gros Morne National Park will never experience.

Our warm and rustic backcountry hiking huts, or “cabins” as they are known locally, are located on a remote glacier carved pond high in the Long Range Mountains, and allow guests to travel light, with no need to carry a burdensome amount of gear, food, or camping equipment. Each night you’ll return back to your private & cozy off grid mountain retreat complete with comfortable sleeping accommodations and all comforts of home; just in the middle of the mountains.



Wildlife Viewing

Tucked away on a glacier carved pond, in the high alpine region, caribou, moose and other distinct wildlife can be seen when hiking, and right from the cabins

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Guided & Private

We'll guide you into the hut on your first day for an orientation to the area and how everything works. After that you'll have the hut all to yourself
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Remote location

There are no marked trails here, just hiking routes we have personally developed, while also following traditional indigenous paths tracking the once great caribou migration
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Two Cozy Huts

We have two cozy huts available that are within walking distance to each other. Perfect for groups looking to experience backcountry hiking together
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Unique Locations

Discover amazing locations and unique hidden gems that you won't find in your travel guide
The backcountry huts are within walking distance from each other. They are clean, well-built, secluded and rustic accommodations, powered by a gas generator and heated with a traditional wood stove The are equipped with a propane range, pots and pans and all cooking utensils. There are no shower facilities at the backcountry cabins, however there is gravity fed water to the kitchen sinks and a bathroom with vanity and manual flush toilet. Each cabin contains a cell phone booster that provides a suitable connection for checking in and emergency calls. Simple yet cozy, these cabins offer many of the comforts of home, just in the middle of the mountains.

Cabin one has a 6 person occupancy and contains an open concept living, dining and kitchen area, small bathroom with vanity and flush toilet, a bunk room with 4 twin bunks and a cozy loft with double bed


Cabin two has a 4 person occupancy and contains an open concept living, dining and kitchen area, small bathroom with vanity and flush toilet and two bedrooms each containing a single adult sized bunkbed

Hut Hiking Guide

Make the most of your time in the backcountry when you book a private hut hiking guide. Tailored to your groups interests and skill level, our expert guides can help navigate this immense wilderness all the while providing expert knowledge and ensuring your safety.