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Gros Morne Mountain Guided Hike

Conquer Newfoundland’s most famous peak with a guided hiking tour of Gros Morne Mountain. We follow a steep gully of loose boulders to the summit of the mountain where you'll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the deep fjords of Bonne Bay and the U-shaped trough of Ten Mile Pond.

The top of Gros Morne Mountain is a harsh, desolate landscape that to the inexperienced hiker can be extremely disorientating and dangerous. High winds, rapid temperature changes, lack of water, and blinding fog are very common. The weather can change rapidly on the summit leaving hikers unable to keep on the route and risk getting lost. Although a guide is not required, we highly recommend inexperienced hikers, or if it's your first time hiking Gros Morne Mountain, have a guide to ensure that you are well-prepared and equipped for the hike



7 to 9 Hours

Gros Morne Mountain is a full day 17-20km hike that starts at 8am and takes 7-9 hours to complete.


Gros Morne Mountain has an elevation gain of 806m to reach the summit.The hike is rated challenging and suitable for people with a good level of physical fitness, as the trail can be steep and demanding in places.

Guided Adventure

Our Gros Morne Mountain hike is a fully guided adventure to ensure a safe and enjoyable hiking experience

Scenic Views

Don't forget your camera as Gros Morne Mountain offers picture perfect unobstructed views of a spectacular glacial-carved landscape, the deep fjords of Bonne Bay and Ten Mile Pond.

What to Bring

Day pack, rain/waterproof jacket, hat, sunglasses, lip balm and comfortable water shoes suitable for your morning marine activity, and sturdy hiking boots for your afternoon of hiking


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